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LutheranCare: (315) 853.5515

Presbyterian Homes & Services:  (315) 797.7500



“Individually, our organizations offer a wide spectrum of essential services to the community,” said Community Wellness Partners President/CEO Michael Sweeney. “The name Community Wellness Partners reflects our vision to be a center for successful aging and our commitment to empower all individuals to reach their full potential and overall quality of life.”

LutheranCare® and Presbyterian Homes & Services will retain their individual communities, while significant efficiencies will be achieved in the area of common information systems and service contracts. This will allow more resources to be invested in new and enhanced programs that will directly benefit residents and others served by Community Wellness Partners.

The organization’s renewed focus is to serve as a true partner in health by enabling the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual wellness of older adults, all of which was made possible by a New York State Vital Access Provider grant.

“We have an amazing team that Community Wellness Partners is fully committed to supporting through opportunities for education and advancement,” Sweeney said. “As a result, we are partners in discovering the new possibilities that make life truly satisfying and rewarding.”

Andrew Peterson, former LutheranCare® President/CEO, retired on July 1. Sweeney, formerly the Presbyterian Homes & Services CEO, will serve as President/CEO of the new affiliation. A combined board of directors, eight of whom are from each of the two affiliates, will govern Community Wellness Partners:

Thomas Utesch, Chairman

Dan Freytag, Vice-Chairman

MaryAnn Hallak-Serwatka, Secretary

Linda Voce, Treasurer

Steve Antonson

Linda Arntsen

Dr. Roger Breslow

John Dillon

The Rev. John Ferrie

The Rev. Jeff Kane

Stephen Keyser

Deborah Mills

Robert Ohmann

The Rev. Susan Solomon

Jay Williams

Phil Williams

“This is an exciting time for our organizations,” Utesch said. “We’re looking forward to revolutionizing wellness and delivering an exceptional experience throughout our communities.”

Community Wellness Partners is a new affiliation of LutheranCare® and Presbyterian Homes & Services. Combining nearly 150 years of service to the community, Community Wellness Partners will remain a faith-based 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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