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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates


May 25, 2021

Dear Residents, Family & Friends,

LutheranCare has received some new guidance from New York State Department of Health regarding acceptable visitation practices at our facility. The days of long separations from family and loved ones is hopefully behind us for good and better days are ahead. The re-opening of visitation seems to be a consequence of more people being vaccinated and also due to the increased compliance with safety mandates. Regardless, we are very happy to have residents and families together again.  

One thing is certain, we must continue to follow infection prevention protocols during all visits. Part of this protocol requires us to screen all visitors at the entrance of our Katherine Lutheran building, regardless of where your visit in the building will take place. Screening questions will be asked, temperature taken, and a rapid test can confirm if you are negative for COVID-19 within a very short time.  A staff member will then escort you to see your family member.   

Taking your loved one off campus                                                                                                       

In general, our residents may leave the nursing home with family and return without being quarantined, if they return within 24 hours and are not exposed to anyone with COVID-19 while out of the facility.  While out of the building residents are expected to wear a mask and minimize exposure to other people. We ask that you notify us, by calling the unit, in advance of your plan to pick up your loved one, so we can prepare your family member and have them ready to go out for the day.


Indoor visits

We have visitation indoors where residents and families get together in the Community Room after being screened. Two visitors can visit at a time. Every visitor wears a mask while in the building, even if you are vaccinated.  Residents who have received their vaccinations do not have to maintain social distancing with family.  Residents who are on a quarantined unit may not have these visits while on quarantine. Please call April Donnelly at 315-235-7181 to arrange dates and times.


Outdoor visits

Outdoor visits are also an option and our residents like meeting family outside for a visit in nice weather. Residents who have received their vaccinations do not have to maintain social distancing with family. To schedule an outdoor visit please call the Receptionist (315-853-5515) at our front desk and ask for the unit where your loved one lives or contact social services (315-235-7160) to arrange an outdoor visit.

Technology visits/window visits

Skype, Facetime visits and window visits are also available to families. We suggest these type of visits for newly admitted residents on precautionary quarantine as well as residents who may prefer to visit at all hours and use this type of technology. If resident needs assistance setting up these appointments please call, Holly Rickets at 315-235-7164.

Hugging booth

The hugging booth has been a popular way for residents and families to see each other but prefer to have some physical barrier in place to protect against COVID-19. Resident and family member are able to touch and hug while wearing protective equipment (masks, gloves, gowns). They are separated by a wall-like divider but can see each other thru a plastic window and visit. Please call Holly Ricketts @ 315-235-7164 to arrange this type of visit.

Please be mindful that if we have a positive case identified among residents or staff we then must begin outbreak testing and suspend all visitation until at least one round of facility-wide testing is completed. Visitation will resume for the residents in unaffected areas if all those residents test negative for the virus in the outbreak testing area. This is a positive change from shutting down all visitation as we were previously required to do.

 As a reminder, fully vaccinated means the resident is two weeks or more following their second dose in a two-dose series or two weeks or more following one dose of a single-dose vaccine per the CDC recommendation for vaccinated persons.

Thank you for your continued patience.


Donna Kelley, LNHA, MHA

Administrator @ LutheranCare


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